Municipal Equipment Center

Our company is situated near city Gorzów Wielkopolski, in Motylewo. We have been operating in the municipal technology industry since 2006.

We deliver new and used municipal equipment. We advise city councils, municipal and private companiesin selection and purchase of an appropriate cleaning equipment.

Satisfied customers are our priority, so we provide them a complete process - from help and consultaion in the selection of machines to operator training and after-sales service throughout Poland.

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Municipal equipment — quality assurance

Are you thinking about renting or purchasing municipal equipment? As a company we do our best to ensure our clients about the quality of our equipment. We import new and used machines produced by brands that are trust worthy and respected on the market. Feel free to contact us if you are considering purchasing used equipment for a reasonable price. We have gained trust among many companies in Poland by providing services according to their needs.

New and used municipal equipment

Equipment provided by our company is known for its reliability and efficiency. All machines have necessary certificates that ensure their quality. RAVO, SCARAB, and MATHIEU — Azura are the famous sweeper brands you can find in our offer. Find out more.

Do you have questions, do you need help? Contact us

We are the exclusive dealer of the following companies

  • The Dutch company RAVO, which for over 50 years has been offering a full range of solutions for the maintenance of cleanliness of various surfaces. RAVO sweepers operate in cities all over Europe.
  • British company SCARAB - leader in hydrostatic sweeping - clean, cheap and ecological.
  • French MATHIEU - Azura, producing sidewalk and road sweepers and a multi-functional device - 5 in one, ie a sweeper, weed brush, pressure washer, scrubber and winter maintenance of roads and sidewalks.
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